With my annual apology to David Letterman, the first Fair Housing Defense blog entry of the year is always my favorite as I highlight the Top Ten posts from the previous year (and you can click on each entry if you want to read it). I am not surprised to see that issues involving the pandemic (obviously new for 2020) as well as emotional support animals (certainly not new for 2020) got the most reader views. Here is the full Top Ten list for 2020:

Coronavirus and Multifamily Apartment Communities

HUD Settles Disability Discrimination Fair Housing Act Case for $80,000

Retaliation and the Fair Housing Act

COVID-19: Reasonable Accommodation or Compassionate Medical Termination

HUD Issues New Assistance Animal Guidance

U.S. Department of Transportation Publishes Rule to Permit Airlines to Ban Emotional Support Animals

April 1 — Rent Is Due and What to Do?

HUD Awards $40 Million in Fair Housing Grants

Further Thoughts On The HUD Assistance Animal Guidance

How The Next Set of Pandemic Relief Efforts May Impact The Apartment Management Industry

I will do my best to continue to highlight items/issues of interest to our industry. And we can all hope that pandemic-related posts drop off this list.

Just A Thought.