Once a year (or so), your humble Fair Housing Defense Blog editor goes off topic.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Potential for a long holiday weekend. Family outings, barbeques, and fireworks. All good. Indeed, I will be at a three day little league baseball tournament ready to cheer.

Earlier this year, my wife (Hi Sweetie!) and I took the tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia in which our Declaration of Independence was signed some 243 years ago this week.  It is worth your while if you are ever in the area.

I know we are all busy and schedules get upside down from time to time. But let’s take a minute on July 4th to reflect on just how lucky we really are. Couple of thoughts to pass on:

If you see someone you know is a teacher, thank him or her for working with our kids. Is there anything more important than educating the next generation?

If you see someone you know is a first responder, thank him or her for saving lives. Remember these brave souls run into buildings when the rest of us are running out.

If you see someone you know is a member of our armed forces, thank him or her for volunteering to serve and keeping us safe in an ever dangerous world.

If you have a minute, call a family member who lives in another state or across the country. Just to say hello.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing: Be present. Don’t be distracted. Put down your phone.

You will be glad you did.

Back to fair housing next week.

Just A Thought.