A man allegedly attacked by an emotional support animal (ESA) on a Delta Airlines flight back in 2017 has now sued the airline and the animal’s owner for negligence.

The incident took place on a flight from Atlanta to San Diego.  The plaintiff alleges the ESA was sitting on its owner’s lap and began to growl.  Next, it is claimed that the animal pinned the plaintiff against the window and bit his face multiple times.  While the owner initially regained control of the dog, the animal broke free and bit the passenger again.  The complaint asserts the airline was negligent in not ensuring the animal was restrained while in the seat and caused significant injuries.

These incidents are going to happen more often as ESA’s are placed in exceedingly close quarters on airplanes. No way around it. I see more and more ESA’s as I travel through airports.

My hope is that the federal government will provide additional guidance so airlines (and professional apartment management) can make the best decisions we can in evaluating the ESA medical verifications we receive each and every week. Alternatively, the courts will make the law for us.

Just A Thought.