A Fair Housing Defense blog reader (thanks for stopping by) left a comment criticizing your humble blog editor for failing to appropriately research the facts of a case I reported on. I have broad shoulders and I can take a little heat. No worries. Like most of my clients, if I make a mistake, I will certainly try to fix it.

When I report on a case, many times I specifically state that “there are always two sides to every story” and I always note there were “allegations” or “claims” or “assertions.” Look, I am a defense lawyer. Because a fact is asserted by a plaintiff or a complainant in a discrimination action does not mean that claim has been proven or is even close to true. This may sound trite, but I spend my days looking to appropriately ensure the rest of the story is told.

Please know that when I report on a case from a press release issued by a federal, state, or local government agency – I am simply noting that the case was resolved. I generally discuss what was alleged, and I try to include the monetary relief as well as any affirmative compliance that was agreed to. Unless I am the lawyer on the case, my point is not to evaluate the evidence but to provide guidance to the professional apartment management industry about current housing discrimination trends and the state of the law. Hope that makes sense.

Again, thanks for reading.

Just A Thought.