A dutiful Fair Housing Defense reader (thanks for taking the time to visit) pinged me with a question concerning the annual Top Ten list of blog posts.   Apparently after clicking on at least one entry, my reader noticed that the post was from a few years back.  Fair point.  The list I circulated in the last post was the Top Ten Fair Housing Defense blog posts of all time.  Apparently my Firm tracks everything.  Printed below are the Top Ten Fair Housing Defense blog posts (with links) from 2018.  Because I know that distinction makes a difference to many of you:

  1. Medical Marijuana, Reasonable Accommodation Requests, and the Fair Housing Act – February 6
  2. Virginia Offers Guidance For Confirming That Medical Verifications for Emotional Support Animals Are Legitimate – February 27
  3. These Types of Housing Are Covered Under the Fair Housing Act. And These Types of Housing Are Not. – April 6
  4. Federal Court Concludes Social Security Disability Should Count As Income Under the Fair Housing Act – October 30
  5. Familial Status Discrimination Case (Concerning a Family With 12 People) Settles in California – February 22
  6. Assistance Animals and Guests? Here Are Some General Guidelines. – March 29
  7. The Top Ten Fair Housing Defense Blog Posts From 2017 – January 2
  8. California Apartment Owner Pays $100,000 to Settle Emotional Support Animal Fair Housing Case – January 22
  9. Court Issues Guidance Concerning Evaluating When an Animal Might Be a “Direct Threat” – March 16
  10. This is the First Step Necessary to Qualify for a Reasonable Accommodation or Reasonable Modification – April 13

Upon review, I am pleased that the list includes a handful of front burner fair housing issues (assistance animals, medical marijuana, reasonable accommodations/modifications, familial status) that professional apartment management and our leasing offices staff members deal with on a daily basis.

Just A Thought.