Time for my favorite Fair Housing Defense blog post of the year.  Listed (and linked) below are the “Top Ten” Fair Housing Defense blog posts from 2013.  These posts reflect an interesting mix of fair housing issues.  Because the “Top Ten” post historically is well read, in 2013 I also added the “Top Five” Fair Housing Defense blog posts of all time, and that post ended up as number six on the 2013 list.  As such, I will do it again at some point in 2014 as well.  Here is the 2013 list:

1. Here Are The “Top Ten” 2012 Fair Housing Defense Blog Posts

2. Just How Many Fair Housing Complaints Were Filed in 2012? The Number Will Surprise You.

3. The FHA’s “Mrs. Murphy” Exemption — A 50 State Guide

4. Why Did HUD Issue Its Proposed Final Rules Concerning “Disparate Impact” and the Fair Housing Act Now? Answer: The U.S. Supreme Court

5. DOJ Announces a $2.5 Million Fair Housing Act Settlement

6. Top Five Fair Housing Defense Blog Posts Of All Time

7. Is Management Required to Reduce Rent on an Apartment in Response to a Reasonable Accommodation Request From a Disabled Resident? No.

8. “Familial Status” Discrimination: There is No Need to Publish Ambiguous Advertisements for Housing

9. New Jersey Apartment Owners Pay $21,000 to Settle Racial Housing Discrimination Claims

10. DOJ Settles Fair Housing Assistance Animal Case for $167,000

To be sure, I am always gratified so many of you read this space and as long as you continue to read it, I will continue to write it.

Just A Thought.