Available data from HUD and other sources reveals that in 2013 housing discrimination is usually more subtle that just the old example of an apartment complex declining to rent to an individual because simply he or she is African American or a Hispanic American.  These cases, however, still come up from time to time.  And provide a good reminder for us all in the professional apartment management world.

Earlier this summer, HUD announced that a housing company in Alabama paid $29,000 to resolve a complaint that one of its agents refused to show a unit to a potential resident because he was African American.  The applicant filed a complaint with HUD after alleging that the agent — apparently inadvertently — left him a voice mail message stating she did not wish to deal with him because he was African American and furthermore, gave her opinion that the Caucasian neighbors who lived near the unit “will panic when they see a black person drive up and look at it.”  The agent further stated that she had left the applicant a message and if the agent had not returned the call she could have been sued for “prejudice.”

I know there are always multiple sides to every case and I never prejudge any facts.  That being said, paying “only” $29,000 to settle this matter based on these facts shows good work by defense counsel (and I was not involved with this case).

Just A Thought.