In an effort to help both industry and the public have easier access to information concerning fair housing rights and responsibilities, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) just unveiled its initial housing discrimination mobile application (app) for various smartphones and other devices. The app is intended to assist the public with a quick and easy way to learn about housing rights, how to file housing discrimination complaints, and to inform the housing industry about our responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

HUD hopes that its app will be another tool to assist fair housing and civil rights advocacy organizations in their efforts to help individuals pursue their housing rights and for industry to educate members on their responsibilities under the law.  You can try out the app at any time.

The app also provides information about the fair housing complaint process and allows the public to access HUD’s toll-free discrimination hotline as well as a link to HUD’s fair housing website.

Time (and technology) sure marches on.

Just A Thought.