With the exception of some areas in New York and New Jersey, it seems most of the rest of us are back to business following the recent hurricane. I thought this would be a good time to review some items that apartment management might want to have on hand and stored in the leasing office in the event of severe weather:

a. Up to six flashlights with batteries to last a number of days;

b. A three day supply of water and food that will not spoil;

c. Two five gallon coolers filled with block and crushed ice;

d. Four cases of assorted energy drinks;

e. Two pairs of work gloves for each maintenance staff member;

f.  One pair of rubber boots for each maintenance staff member;

g. Assorted crackers and cookies;

h. Paper drinking cups, plates, knives, forks, napkins and paper towels;

i.  Two OSHA approved first aid kits;

j.  A battery operated radio with additional batteries;

k. A change of clothing for various employees;

l.  Blankets; and

m. Emergency tools.

The safety of residents and staff members is paramount. After that, management should act to protect the property.  Planning ahead and keeping an emergency kit just makes good sense.  As we all have seen, the "Storm of the Century" seems to take place every year now.

Just A Thought.