I like when I get a question that can be answered with a yes or a no.  So, should management use the equal housing opportunity logo in our advertising?  Yes.

While the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) by its text does not require the use of the Equal Opportunity logo or slogan — “Equal Housing Opportunity” — in any ad, the fact is that using the logo and statement reflects management’s commitment to fair housing compliance. The equal housing opportunity logo (reproduced below) is a picture of a small house with the words “equal housing opportunity” directly beneath it.  The guidance provides that the small house picture should be used without the words “equal housing opportunity” beneath it, but the words can be used without the small house picture. 

If I am defending against an allegation of discrimination, I always check to ensure we are using the equal housing logo to help demonstrate management’s commitment to the law.

As a best practice for our industry, I recommend using both the house and words on all your advertising. 

Just A Thought.


 Fair Housing Logo