Many of the questions I get here at the Fair Housing Defense Blog cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.  Applicable law can at times require an evaluation of specific facts or some type of balancing test.  However, one question I can easily answer is:  should my company really do fair housing training for its employees?  In a word:  yes.
As management, we have a responsibility for training employees to know and follow the law.  Fair housing training is also an essential component of defending against (and preventing) fair housing complaints.
Indeed, a portion of my work involves doing fair housing training sessions for employees of professional apartment management companies.  In addition to fair housing, sometimes I get asked to speak about respect in the workplace as well as diversity.  These training sessions are designed to provide insight into current topics in our field as well as provide steps to take to reduce the chances of a fair housing complaint — and then really needing to deal with a lawyer like me.
Are we always going to get it right?  No, of course not.  But, we can try to ensure our employees know the law and engage in the interactive process with our residents.  Training is an important component of fair housing compliance.   
And yes, here is your humble Fair Housing Defense blog editor conducting a training session in late 2011.  Now that is a face for the radio!
Just a Thought.