When I started this Fair Housing Defense blog, I had no idea if anyone would actually read it.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I knew my Mom would read it.  One of my early entries (okay, since you asked — from October 23, 2009) noted that we have been Up and Running for a few months.  And I gave my mother a "Hi Mom!" shout out.  Of course, a couple of days later my Mom called, roaring with laughter and very excited that I mentioned her in my new blog. 
Mom has since passed away.  I did not write about it at the time she died, as I wanted to keep this professional.  However, upon reflection, that may have been a mistake.  While my Mom was my first (and most important) reader, I am gratified that so many of you read this space every month.
As such, while I am down one reader — I will keep writing in her memory.  And, if I might go off topic for a minute, for those of you with Mom’s and Dad’s still alive — why not pick up the phone just to say hello right now?  You will be glad you did.
Just A Thought.