Many of you read the blog post about the Cincinnati, Ohio landlord who claimed an African American girl’s hair product “clouded” an apartment community swimming pool. And that the young lady’s parents filed a fair housing case claiming that the landlord discriminated against the child by posting a “White Only” sign poolside.

Today, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission voted 4-0 against reconsidering its finding from last fall. The Commission previously found probable cause to believe that the landlord, who is white, violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting the sign at the pool where the girl was visiting her parents.

The parents, who have since moved to another home, filed the complaint and indicated that they wanted to “avoid subjecting their family to further humiliating treatment.” A state investigation concluded that the landlord posted the offending sign on the gated entrance to the pool in May 2011 that stated “Public Swimming Pool, White Only.”  It was reported that multiple witnesses confirmed that the sign was posted, and the landlord indicated that she posted it because the girl used chemicals in her hair that would make the pool “cloudy.”

News reports stated the landlord did not attend today’s hearing. What will likely happen next is that the case will be referred to the Ohio attorney general’s office, the office which would represent the state agency’s findings before an administrative law judge. It is also possible for the parties to reach a settlement before further legal proceedings.

Readers of this blog know I always am concerned when only one side of the story is told, and while we cannot and should not rush to judgment without hearing from the landlord – it is safe to say it would be unwise to post a racially offensive sign at a community pool.

Just A Thought.