I have written on this topic before, but this seems like a good time for a reminder.  As a part of our role as management, we must engage in the "interactive process" with our residents.  That means we must reach out to and appropriately respond to our residents.

As a part of the "interactive process," I always recommend that we document our interaction with residents.  Failing to do so is a mistake I see time and time again.  For example, we must always respond to a request for a reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification.  Providing an interim response does not mean that management will grant every accommodation or modification request, but we must ensure that each request be evaluated.  Note that while it is good practice for residents to submit their requests in writing, there is no requirement they do so.  When we make a decision about a reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification request, that must be documented as well.

Similarly, I suggest you keep copies of correspondence with your residents in their individual files or via a community computer system which can print records if needed.  I also like a log in which leasing office staff members can note oral communications with residents.

Does this seem like overkill?  Maybe at the outset it does — but wait until a fair housing case gets filed and the investigator comes to see you or me.  All that documentation will make our job much easier.

Just A Thought.