I got invited to a fair housing conference recently.  Which is great.  But a line from the invitation gave me pause for a moment.  So I thought I would share it with you.

Professional apartment community management (whether the entities that own the properties or the professionals who manage them) work with HUD and various state, county, and cities agencies almost on a daily basis.  This is particularly true with respect to affordable communities.  The fact of the matter is that management is HUD’s business partner.  We have every incentive to get it right and discrimination has no place in our work.  We try to ensure the law is followed and if we make a mistake, I will try to fix it.

What was odd about the invitation, however, is that it noted that representatives of industry (in other words management) are "also" welcome.   Far too often, it seems, that only representatives of tenants are included.  Of course, management needs a seat at the table as well.  It is taken as a given that a tenant’s rights group should be invited to a fair housing conference.  I guess my point is that it should be second nature for management to be there as well. 

Just A Thought.