It happened yet again.  Another housing discrimination complaint was filed which was completely unnecessary.  And this time management was trying to get it right. 
Here are the facts:  a resident contacted management requesting that a reasonable modification be made to an outside door of an apartment building.  Seems simple enough.  Management evaluated the request and granted it.  We started the process of obtaining bids for the project.  We selected the bid which worked best and signed the contract.
The vendor, also moving promptly, ordered the necessary parts to convert a manual door into a door with an electronic power assist.  These parts just take a few weeks to get shipped.  And we have to schedule a date for a workman to install the new components.
During this interim time, however, the resident filed a fair housing complaint alleging that management is discriminating against her because of a disability.  My hope is that this is a case which can be amicably resolved as management absolutely granted the request and timely moved to get the modification done.  Let’s hope I am right.
The takeaway here is even when management acts promptly and grants a request, we need to keep our residents better informed as to the progress and status of their individual reasonable accommodation or modification requests.  Perhaps that would have avoided this fair housing complaint altogether.  And the need to deal with a lawyer like me.
Just A Thought.