This blog has been up and running for a few months now. To be honest, I did not know what to expect. Would anyone (in addition to my Mom – by the way, Hi Mom!) actually want to read it? Would anyone think issues related to housing discrimination and compliance with the Fair Housing Act are worth learning about?

Well, the verdict is in. And I have to say I am gratified. On a regular basis I receive correspondence and/or messages for individuals with questions related to fair housing and housing discrimination. I am very pleased and will continue to post issues of interest related to fair housing on this blog.


That being said, I do need to make clear that I represent apartment owners and professional apartment management companies. In other words, I do not represent residents, applicants, and former residents who believe they have been discriminated against. It is not because of a true legal conflict of interest (which would be the case if I took a case against one of my clients), but because I want my clients to know that I will not take the opposing side of an issue in my next case. 


I trust you will understand. And I very much appreciate you checking in on this blog.